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Embark on a journey to master the Urdu language with our engaging Urdu Course. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your proficiency, our course offers comprehensive lessons tailored to your level. From basic vocabulary and grammar to conversational skills, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way. Join us and unlock the beauty of Urdu language and culture.

Hifz Course
Unique features of the Programme

This will be a unique programme allowing the student to complete the memorisation of the Qur’an in a short period of time. It will combine the best practice of the traditional Arab system of memorisation which focuses heavily on takrār (group repetition) placing great emphasis on correct pronunciation (tajwīd) and the Indian Subcontinent method of murāji’ah (consistent review). This will produce memorisers of the Qur’an with clarity and precision in recitation as well as excellent retention, in sha’ Allah.

Class size will be small to maximise student-teacher interaction. On-going parent consultation and feedback will ensure that students excel in achieving their daily targets for memorisation.

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Join our weekend and evening Madrassah classes to delve into the teachings of Islam. Our dedicated instructors provide comprehensive Islamic education in a nurturing environment, fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence for learners of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to deepen your understanding of Islam, our Madrassah programs offer structured learning opportunities tailored to meet your needs. Join us on this enriching journey of knowledge and faith.

Arabic Course
Achieve Mastery in Record Time

Our innovative program is designed to help students master the Arabic language quickly and effectively. By blending the best practices of traditional Arab memorization techniques, which emphasize takrār (group repetition) and correct pronunciation (tajwīd), with the Indian Subcontinent method of murāji’ah (consistent review), we ensure clarity, precision, and excellent retention.

Small class sizes will maximize student-teacher interaction, fostering a personalized learning environment. Continuous parent consultation and feedback will support students in meeting their daily language learning goals. Experience the path to fluency with clarity and confidence, in sha’ Allah

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